Environmental Assessment

Goldboro LNG must meet a broad set of standards, codes and regulations to ensure that the health, safety, and security of the environment and the Canadian public are protected. This includes a thorough environmental assessment (EA) as required by the Province of Nova Scotia.

Pieridae registered Goldboro LNG with Nova Scotia Environment on February 28, 2013.

The Goldboro LNG EA report was filed on October 30, 2013, after much consultation with local communities, government agencies, and engagement with First Nation communities. The report provided a comprehensive description of the proposed project, a detailed description of the existing environmental conditions, as well as a thorough assessment of potential environmental effects and how the project will mitigate and/or compensate for adverse effects.

An EA review panel appointed by Nova Scotia’s Minister of Environment conducted a Class Two Environmental Assessment, the province’s most rigorous form of review. On March 21, 2014, Nova Scotia’s Minister of Environment accepted the panel’s recommendation and issued EA approval, with certain conditions.

The Minister of Environment’s decision can be viewed here.

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency has determined that no federal environmental assessment is required.


Goldboro LNG will continue to consult and seek input from local residents, First Nations communities and other stakeholders to address opportunities, issues and concerns. Stakeholders will have a number of ways to stay informed about the project and to be engaged in the planning and construction of the project, including community meetings, open houses, newsletters, this website and email updates.