Project Benefits

Goldboro LNG will create significant direct and indirect economic benefits for the community, region and province, and the natural gas industry.

Regional Economic Benefits

  • Jobs and training in the community and the region
  • Construction phase: up to 3,500 jobs at Goldboro site
  • Ongoing operation and maintenance: up to 200 positions
  • Opportunities for sub-contracts, manufacture and supply of equipment
  • Use of local personnel, goods and services
  • Diversification of local economy
  • General community initiatives such as education, arts and culture projects
  • Increased municipal and provincial tax revenue

Regional Energy Resource Development

The development of Goldboro LNG in Nova Scotia will create:

  • A supplemental export market for natural gas
  • Additional government royalty revenue
  • A major boost to the Nova Scotian and regional economy

All of these create an opportunity for the energy industry to develop additional natural gas energy.