Goldboro LNG Environmental Assessment Update

The following is an update from Nova Scotia Environment on December 19, 2013:

This is to advise that the Environmental Assessment Review Panel appointed by the Minister of Environment to review the proposed Goldboro LNG project, has decided a public hearing will not be required. The Panel has considered all of the information available to date. This includes all of the previous environmental assessment (EA) reports and data carried out at Goldboro, and associated public comments, public hearing record, and the EA Board panel report to the Minister in 2007. The previous proposal at Goldboro was very similar in nature and location to the current Goldobro proposal. The Panel has also examined the Goldboro EA report, and considered all public and government comments on the EA report received during the recent public comment period. The Panel finds that the information base from the previous review remains relevant to the Goldboro proposal. Few new issues have been raised, and the majority of the public have expressed support for the Goldboro proposal. The Panel has thus decided that no public hearings will be required for the Goldboro proposal.

The proponent will be required by January 10, 2014, to address questions and comments raised by the public, by government agencies, by the First Nations, and by the Panel members, during the recent comment period ended on December 16, 2013. In addition, a second period for written public comments will be announced in January 2014 following the proponent’s response to the questions. Following the second public comment period, the Panel will then prepare its report and recommendations to the Minister.

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